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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Using our integrated Task Management tool FIN Lancer

By Cory Roberson, Principal of FIN Compliance, Lancer, Ventures
By David McNeal, Contributor of My Compliance Blog 

October 23, 2019.  We are pleased to announce the soft launch of FIN Lancer, our procedures/ task management system.  FIN Lancer is a solution for Investment Advisors and other financial services firms to delegate procedural assignments to advisors, reps, consultants, staff, and other vendors.  The new platform will be integrated onto our compliance management platform for paid users located at:  

Combining compliance resources with task management tools

Oftentimes, firms, staff (and its consultants) face many challenges in creating a system for delegating its client projects, compliance duties, and operational tasks to other vendors.  Our system allows firms to share or assign projects to various parties.   Frequently Asked Questions overview:  FAQ here

Key Takeaways

Compliance/Business Management systems integrated with one-login access;
Delegate procedures to staff, consultants, or other vendors;
Use alongside other technology or financial network vendors;

How It Works

LOGIN to your compliance and/or business management dashboard;
CHECK requirements, notifications, or deadlines;
CUSTOMIZE procedural review process;
ASSIGN, STORE, and MANAGE policies/procedures online;
COLLABORATE with team members, consultants, or other vendors of documentation;

Using Task Center 

Our Task Center is designed for users to work "in the" business (managing client work, team projects, and procedures)

Features Include:

Client Center:  to handle various client assignments;
Project Center: to collaborate on procedural tasks with other team members/consultants;
Document Center: for sharing or collaborations;

Using Business Center 

Our Business Center includes tools to work "on the" business (Billing Vendors, Sending Contracts, and General Calendar). 

Features includes:

Business directory to connect with firms for continuity, succession, and deal flow.
Vendor Directory featuring a listing of our select partners
Invoicing plugin to bill vendors 
E-Signature System for sending client/vendor contracts (Approve Me); 
Invoicing Integration for billing vendors (PayPal or square);

Use Cases for Systems & Training

With FINLancer, users may…….

Manage firm Projects in Task Center

Create Files/Folders with Task Center;
Add folders to Client Center for team or staff to view;
Create Folders based on Compliance & Operations Manual;
Add Documents to a folder based on requirements; 
Assign Policies and procedures to Team Members;

Use Case: Compliance Consultants or Team Members may assign, delegate, or manage firm policies and procedures within a project folder……

Send Quarterly Checklists using Project Center

Delivery of Documentation for:
ADV Documents;
IARD/CRD Instructions;
New Registrations;
Financial Docs;
Advertising Review;
Staff Review

Use Case: Compliance Consultants or Team members may manage your firms’ periodic regulatory requirements through delivering documentation to other team members……

Integrate Paypal or Square Invoice to bill vendors
Link with Paypal or Square accounts;
Create/Send an Invoice;
Drag/Drop files in grey text box space provided;
Keep Track of Invoices Created;

Using Business Directory
People can post their opportunities/needs in profile and then contact firms.

Chat with Other Firms

Manage business operations or communicate with other firms.

Cloud Security and Due Diligence

In light of our third-party cloud-based systems, we are preparing vendor due diligence/security disclosure for users.  This will include some best practices for data/security protections. 

FIN Compliance Products and Services 

RIA Registration Services:  New/existing firms.
RIA Compliance Consulting:  Ongoing/annual services.
Compliance Management System: Online portal.
Business Management System: Online portal. 
Advisor Transition Support:  RIA Matchmaking/continuity services.

Business/Referral Network: Inquire about advertising/consulting projects. 

Our Approach

Compliance Management - We work with companies who are seeking to manage their compliance obligations - serving more than 175+ firms with compliance services and a system of SEC and state regulatory resources located on one site.

Business Management - We provide firms with task-management processes and a business directory to connect with other firms for continuity, succession planning, partnerships, and deal flow.  Also, we have a small network of referral partners for practice management, operations workflows, accounting, and website design.

Needs Analysis Workflow - We work with firms in determining their compliance management priorities.  During/after a need’s analysis, we provide firms with compliance/business service options to address those needs and will provide firms with sample workflows for task delegation purposes.

Audit Preparation - We help firms in addressing compliance deficiencies while acting as an intermediary for resolving issues between (you) the advisor and regulators/examiners. We can also assist firms in audit prep measures.

Regulatory Changes - We research regulatory updates from state, SEC, and/or FINRA jurisdictions. We’re here to help as some rules/regulations may be amended over time.

About FIN Compliance 

FIN Compliance  (FinCompliance.iois a consortium of compliance, consulting, and business management solutions designed to help boutique investment firms to structure, maintain, and develop their internal regulatory review programs.  

Our product line consists of:  RIA Consults-Roberson Consults Group, a compliance consulting firm, RIA Review, a compliance-management system, B-D Review, a Hybrid-management system (est. in 2020)*, and FIN Lancer, a Business/Task Management system. 


FIN Ventures focuses on business strategy consulting for impact-based projects (  

FIN Missions ( provides business/vision support group sessions for other entrepreneurs and youth mentoring.  In addition, Cory has volunteered for more than fifteen youth programs in locations such as like S. Korea, China, S. Africa, Thailand, and India.

Contact:  Cory Roberson - 

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