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Friday, April 2, 2021

FIN Compliance Transforms Its Affiliate Program To Support Diversity And Inclusion Of Vendors

Providers of compliance management solutions, FIN Compliance, announces the transformation of their partner programs to support diversity initiatives of vendors in the FinTech, RegTech, and the broader investment industry

March 24, 2021.  FIN Compliance announces the launch of aall-inclusive platform featuring the next generation of vendors who support investment advisors, private funds, crypto funds, insurance agencies, and other financial service firms.  The move is in line with the company’s goal of working towards diversity with other service providers and tech vendors in the investment industry.  

"We strive for representation in the investment industry and are building on the future of diversity by serving as a conduit for other talented and diverse vendors in FinTechRegTech, financial services, and securities." – Founder, Cory Roberson. 

FIN Compliance has built a reputation over the years for providing RIA compliance, consulting, and tech-driven solutions designed to help stakeholders in the investment industry achieve their compliance and business goals.  Their ultimate goal is to impact people's lives by assisting students and other business owners in their career journeys.  

Over the years, FIN Compliance has evolved from being a consultancy to delivering technology (SaaS/RegTech) components to complement other Fintech and WealthTech solutions. It primes itself as a regulatory resource that supports the lifecycle of the practices for investment advisors, private funds, mutual funds, and other financial advisors. 

FIN Compliance also works with other stakeholders across different industries, leveraging the diverse background of Cory Roberson, the founder of the company. Cory has over 15 years of experience working in the investment management industry. As the principal FIN Compliance comprising of a consultant practice and a technology platform, he has served almost 200 investment firms since its inception in 2012. 


As an African American founder with bootstrapped beginnings, Cory understands the challenges of diversity and inclusion, which has inspired his decision to work to improve things for other vendors. FIN Compliance’s growing vendor network is diverse, consisting of founders of companies equally led by men, women, and vendors of historically underrepresented groups. FIN Compliance works with an affiliate group of consultants, service providers, or tech vendors with expertise in a wide range of fields. This group represents diverse founders in operations, compliance, cybersecurity, marketing, and estate planning. 

For more information about the recently launched platform and other projects from FIN Compliance, please visit - FIN Compliance can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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